Social and Corporate Responsibility

We have lots of ideas that we want to develop in our house in the near future. We would like our “ green commitment” and Social and Corporate Responsibility to grow day by day. Please share with us your ideas and suggestions, among all of us, it will be easier.


Green Commitment
At Mendiburu we want to contribute with our effort to live in harmony with our world, that’s because we are taking care of some details for many years


Trash recycling and compost
Apart from separating different trash ítems to dispose them in different containers ( glass, paper, cans, batteries and organic), we have a compost rack in our garden. We dispose there all vegetable leftovers. We encourage our customers during your stay to do the same.


Rain water use for watering the garden
Some years ago we installed several tanks to store rain water that we conduct from the roof. We use this water in our trees and plants during dry season. We think water is a scarce resource and we encourage to make a reasonable use of it.


Low consumption lighting
Mendiburu is a big house and needs a lot of lighting. When it’s not necessary, the best is to turn it off. Nevertheless, we have taken care of installing low consumption lights. In most of our rooms, we use electronic lights that improve the energy efficiency.


Windows and enclosure isolation
During the house restoration, we tried to use the best thermal isolation in our walls, windows and roof.The house does not incorporate air conditioning for summer, the thick stone walls isolate the house from the outside heat.
On the other side, during winter, our isolation system maintains the house warm in combination with the heating system.


Use of firewood
For winter, we have a heating system with independent temperature control for each florr. In the dinning room we have a fireplace and a firewood oven in the kitchen. These two elements apart from being very comfortable provide a lot of heat, reducing the need to use the main heating system. We provide all firewood you want in order you can use this renewable energy source.