The house

Our house has a capacity for 10 persons with additional 2 places (10+2). The house has 3 floors (only two open to public) a garage for two cars and two garden areas. At first floor, several services are located . A roomy entrance from where a central distribution area is accessed. From the central distribution area you can get to different rooms: Dinning room with fireplace, kitchen, laundry room, toilet and a storage room.

Smoking is prohibited in the house

At second floor a central distribution area communicates all rooms. 5 double bedrooms, two toilets, a TV/reading room and a playing room for children. The central distribution area itself is a great reunion area. The house includes a central heating system, separated in two independent circuits, one per floor. Pets are allowed in the garden area (fenced) not allowed inside the house. In the house you’ll find Internet connection via WIFI, computer, telephone and a Nintendo WII console.



The kitchen includes two big cooking tops with the cooking fires and a big marble sink. Dishwasher, fridge and a typical wood cooking oven with firewood storage area are also included. The dinning area has a table for 6 persons and cupboard. We include all type of kitchen utensils and other interesting elements.


A complete kitchen

The office is accessed through the kitchen. It includes a washing and a dryer machine under a marble sink. A big closet covers on of the rooms walls. There, bed sheets, towels and table linen are stored. Finally, an ironing table and iron.



Dinning room

It’s located in the first floor. It is a roomy area that includes a 3m long table that can hold 16 persons, a closed fireplace and a TV area with two couches and two sofas. A DVD player and a WII console are also located here.


TV room

This room is located at the second floor. It has two couches and armchair, TV, Video tape/DVD player, a music CD player and several books and video tapes.


Play room

It’s located in the second floor. It is a roomy bright area as its window is oriented to the south. It has all kind of toys and board games for all ages. Two room walls are painted in chalkboard paint so children can use chalks to draw. The floor is carpeted so they can play on the floor.


Main hall

This area communicates all rooms in the second floor. At the south end, there is a big 3 m wide window area furnished with armchairs (a coach, armchair and rocket chair) making this area ideal to read and relax.


All bedrooms are furnished with Nordic duvets and 100% cotton sheets. All beds have new sprung mattresses, except main bedroom (green) which has a Viscoelastic mattress.

Five colorful bedrooms

Bedroom 1

It has two beds 90×190, wardrobe, bedside table and comfortable. West orientation.


Bedroom 2

It has two beds 90×190, wardrobe, bedside table and comfortable. West orientation.


Bedroom 3

It has two beds of 120 x190, wardrobe and bedside table. Possibility to place a cot in it. West orientation.


Bedroom 4

It has a bed of 180 x200, two side tables, wardrobe and chiffonier. It has a sofa bed in a bed of 140 x190. Possibility to place a cot in it. East.


Bedroom 5

It has two beds of 105 x 180, two side tables and wardrobe. Possibility to place a cot in it. East.



First floor

The first floor includes one bathroom with wc, sink, bidet and a bid shower. Also a closet and hairdryer is included.


Second bathroom

This is the original bathroom for the house. It has a WC, sink and a small bathroom ideal for children. There is the possibility to locate a baby change table and baby bath tools.


Main bathroom

This bathroom located in the second floor includes a WC, a big sink (two places) a bath and a Spa Cabin.


The house has a storage room from where you get to the garage. This storage room houses the heating and water system boiler as well as the fuel tank. Cleaning tools and additional fridge, bottle rack and a first aid kit are other items located in this room.

Park for two cars

Also, there is a spinning cycle to make exercise. The garage is a 40 m2 area where two cars are easily parked. Firewood is stored in one side of the garage.



Main garden

This is the old threshing floor for the house. It has nearly 500 m2, completely fenced, with original grass and several trees and plants. It is oriented to the northeast so it is very cool in summer. We have a gas barbeque, toys for children and even a doghouse. We store the rein water in several tanks that we use later on to water our plants during summer also we have a compost rack. We encourage our customers to use it properly to recycle vegetable leftovers.


Small stone garden

It is located at the north side of the house, it’s a 100 m2 area fenced with railway track ties. It is covered with river stones and includes several trees and two benches.